The Southampton Safeguarding Children Partnership is independently chaired and consists of three key partners. In Southampton the Local Authority, Southampton City CCG and Hampshire Police share equal responsibility for developing and leading the partnership arrangements.

The strength of the SSCP working is built upon the safeguarding partners working collaboratively together with all other relevant agencies and services in Southampton who come into contact with children and families. The local approach also enables joint identification of, and response to, existing and emerging needs, and to agreeing priorities to improve outcomes for children. For more detail on these arrangements please refer to the Southampton Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements.

The Partnership has an independent chair who provides independent scrutiny for the partners. The current chair is called Derek Benson. A small team supports Derek and the Partnership. If you would like to contact Derek or the Partnership team please click contact above.

To complement this local arrangement the safeguarding partners in Southampton have joined forces with our neighbouring authorities to form a Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton Safeguarding Children Partnership arrangement known as ‘HIPS’ to enable larger scale strategic development of partnership working beyond the our city boundaries to improve our ability to influence practice and positive outcomes for children across local borders.

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